Luke’s 6th LEGO Party


Happy Birthday, Luke! My sweet and only son turned 6 yesterday.  I am awe-struck….that he is 6, that we survived his infancy, that he is the precious boy he is, that few remember him as the baby who wouldn’t leave my side and only know him as a fun-loving, kind, thoughtful, tender, smart boy.  There […]

Bed Head Extreme


Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!                          

Some Crafty Tutorials {from me to you}

Hey, just in case you needed some fun crafty tutorials, here are some of my favorite posts I’ve done recently for Elastic By the Yard.  Happy crafting!  And remember, if I can do it, anyone can! How to Make American Girl Doll {or any doll!} Accessories for LESS! How to Make a Ruffle Necklace {fabric options […]

Bingo as a Motherly Pastime


The game of bingo in some surprising forms  {a guest perspective on bingo as an upcycling endeavor or an online game} While being a mom is certainly a tough and demanding vocation, the combination of parenting and work requires a delicate balance of setting priorities and making time for activities that can be enjoyed by […]



I feel I owe a bit of an update on our family. Josh Josh has been faithfully working on his thesis/dissertation to finish his Phd this spring in order to defend it back in Scotland in June.  He has worked on it every day of the Christmas break.  We’d appreciate your prayers for his final […]

Christmas Day!


Well, let’s start with Christmas Eve.  I spent most of the day cleaning up Lizzie’s stubborn streak in the form of potty accidents and cooking.  Don’t worry- lots of hand washing was had.  I’ll be honest, I am not exactly thrilled about her resistance, but look at her.  Sigh.   We started a Tex-Mex tradition […]

Christmas Pageants & Sledding


This week has been dedicated to potty training the littlest one.  That sums up my life for the past 24 hours times 7.  I would never have guessed it, but Lizzie has officially taken the longest to potty train.  Rebekah was fast {my mil did the work !!}, Luke was slower to start, but perfect […]

Christmas Pics 2013


Merry Christmas!  This is the kids’ Christmas picture, taken by Jenna Canter, whom I highly recommend. I loved this progression…

Merry Christmas Season!

Family006 (1)

I know it has been a while, so let’s just get past that.  Our family flew to Texas in November for Josh’s sister’s wedding.  Sarah and David were happily and beautifully wed, and Bekah and I were even in the wedding!   An added bonus was that the kids and I {and Josh for a […]

Lizzie’s Birthday


My words aren’t that special, so I’ll skip to what people might actually be interested in: the pictures. The Party: Lizzie’s Ice Cream Social This would not have happened as seamlessly or cookie prettily without my mother-in-law, Phyllis!     Her actual birthday   Nothing beats a straight from the bath baby sporting her new […]