Lizzie is 3!


This is the first time I have felt sad about one of my kids’ birthdays.  I usually feel this great sense of accomplishment and pride, not only in keeping them alive for the year, but in having survived it myself.  I’m chalking my strange nostalgia up to this being my last and final child, and me […]

An Afternoon Tea Party for Bekah’s 8th Birthday


This weekend, Rebekah turned 8.  We can’t believe it.  Our girl is just darling- sweet, tender, thoughtful, smart, quick-witted, lover of Jesus, amazing big sister, and blessing of a daughter.  We are so proud of the little person she already is. As is her custom, Beks chose a tea party for her birthday {see also […]



While in Scotland, we made some dea rPhD friends, many of whom we’re finding ourselves geographically closer to on the west coast!  We live in Spokane, WA {the inland northwest, almost on the ID border}, and two sets of very close friends live north and south of Seattle {west coast}, a place we’d only flown […]

Our Victory Lap {Scotland Trip!}


Last week, Josh and I got back from our trip to the UK, which we happily called our “Victory Lap.”  Josh had his “Viva Voce” or something like that- essentially an oral defense of his PhD on the trinity.  Anyway, we lived in Aberdeen for 4 years, and while many church friends still reside there, […]

Our 13th Year of Bliss!


13 Years!!! Today marks our 13th year of wedded bliss.  I’ll be the first to admit that even marrying my best friend and the coolest, handsomest, smartest man I know still doesn’t change the fact that anniversaries mean something.  Another year of working through differing opinions, another year of learning about each other and choosing […]

Easter Finery


I forgot to post these.  It has been a whirlwind of a few weeks, as Josh is FINISHING his PhD…yep, Scotland-bound in June to defend it and then I’m Mrs. Dr. Malone.  ;) The kids on Easter.  You know, what…now that I think about it, this is the week after Easter.  Oops.   Easter.  You […]

Luke’s 6th LEGO Party


Happy Birthday, Luke! My sweet and only son turned 6 yesterday.  I am awe-struck….that he is 6, that we survived his infancy, that he is the precious boy he is, that few remember him as the baby who wouldn’t leave my side and only know him as a fun-loving, kind, thoughtful, tender, smart boy.  There […]

Bed Head Extreme


Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!                          

Some Crafty Tutorials {from me to you}

Hey, just in case you needed some fun crafty tutorials, here are some of my favorite posts I’ve done recently for Elastic By the Yard.  Happy crafting!  And remember, if I can do it, anyone can! Check out the entire list of tutorials here.  My faves are listed below. How to Make American Girl Doll […]

Bingo as a Motherly Pastime


The game of bingo in some surprising forms  {a guest perspective on bingo as an upcycling endeavor or an online game} While being a mom is certainly a tough and demanding vocation, the combination of parenting and work requires a delicate balance of setting priorities and making time for activities that can be enjoyed by […]