37 Weeks!

I am 37 weeks today- that means in 3-ish weeks we will have a new little girl!!!!  I feel so excited and nervous all at the same time.  I’m sure you understand.  Rebekah and Luke keep asking when “our” baby is coming, and usually {for Luke anyway} in the context of “Will she be at church?” 30 minutes before we’re going to church.  Rebekah seems to understand we have weeks, but with her understanding comes a certain impatience, too.

Last night the lovely Aberdeen ladies, Christy and Joy specifically, hosted a wonderful shower for me!  I was so honored and touched- not only did my sweet longer-term friends go out of their way for me, so did my brand new friends!  Plus, sweet Rachel made a banner for the shower back in June before she moved away!!!  She and her husband and daughter also skyped in and I seriously had to fight tears then.  What a great problem to have, though- so many fun friends that I feel embarrassed by all the attention!  It really was a super-fun, God-honoring shower and as soon as I have pictures, I will post them!

Here I am with some sweet faces who were sure they belonged in the picture, too.  And, yes, Mom, I need to clean the mirror.  ;)


  1. Nana Phyllis says:

    Wonderful that your friends take such good care of you!! I’m anxious to hear all about it. You are looking great. I see cute boots showing in the last picture. It is fun to be on the countdown. I’m sure Luke doesn’t understand the “time” issue. SHE will be here soon. Can’t wait.

  2. Miss Mommy says:

    Yes, Phyllis- those are those super-cute boots you brought me for my birthday last year! Thanks!

  3. Rebecca Brame says:

    And I remember when you were pregnant for the very first time! Sounds like things are great for you and your family :) Miss you!

  4. Looking great. I am so glad that you have such a great group of Christian sisters around you. Praise God for Sisters!

  5. looking great em! also encouraged by your paragraph that you have friends there :) I’m dying for my friends in iowa still :)

  6. You’re a pretty pregnant lady!

  7. Miss Mommy says:

    I assume you mean I am pretty and pregnant.

  8. Miss Mommy says:


  9. Indeed. I totally didn’t even get what you meant. I just had to re-read what I wrote 3 or 4 times and then I said, “Oh!” oops. Perhaps I should have said beautiful? Lovely? Although you are pretty pregnant. :)

  10. Shannon Morton says:

    I absolutely love this! What thoughtful and kind friends!! Wish I could’ve been there to celebrate the sweet gift of life inside you. I am so excited to see her face though. Thinking of you and praying in these final weeks.

    Love you to pieces, Emmie!