A Season of Change & Nostalgia {&Teeth}

I think with our imminent move back the States {yippee!!!}, as well as having a new baby girl, I am filled with a crazy mix of emotions that don’t always make sense.  I am mostly delighted, but I also feel nostalgic and prone to remembering back when…a lot of this is because we have a baby that is the age Luke was when we moved here almost 4 years ago.  Part of it is because we have another girl, so I am remembering Rebekah as a baby and regretting not loving it more {tho I think it’s safe to say she obviously is thriving regardless and I couldn’t love this new baby season more if I tried!].  Part of it is simply because Elizabeth is getting her first bottom teeth and Rebekah just lost her first tooth {the first tooth that came in, too, which mirrors what Lizzie is getting}!  Thus, we are in a season of change and nostalgia, that all centers around teeth.  Who knew?

The tooth we worked so hard for…


1st lost tooth!

I also wanted to point out {again} how similar Rebekah and Josh are.  This really happened.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...


  1. Nana Phyllis says:

    YEAH REBEKAH! Can’t wait to hear all about how it came out. Tried to call, but no answer. Hard to see the pictures on the blog because the boxes with other blogs covers up Josh! Rebe’s lost tooth hole shows in the first one, though. Hope to talk/skype soon.

  2. Ha! Love that last pic!! Too cute.

    And I’m with ya–teeth are totally nostalgic!! Ethan has lost both of his bottom front ones recently! Crazy!

    How in the world do you keep such amazing tabs on all of your pics!? I’m always amazed and impressed at how you can pull out one particular shot from years ago! Do you give lessons?? :-P I always thought i was pretty organized, but sometimes you seriously put me to shame! ;-)

  3. So fun talking to you today and catching up! Rebekah was wiggling that tooth the last time I Skyped with her – glad she successfully got it out. She looks so grown up Em! I agree with Rachel that you are impressive in the way you are able to pull all these photos out. Also I’d like to say that I’m very thankful that Lizzie is 4 months and you are getting ready to return to the states rather than Luke was 4 months, and you were leaving! The time has gone so quickly in spite of the distance. In addition to Lizzie we have added Will in the time you have been gone. I am one blessed grandmother and so thankful for all 5 of them!!
    Much love to you,