Bingo as a Motherly Pastime

The game of bingo in some surprising forms 

{a guest perspective on bingo as an upcycling endeavor or an online game}


How kids would love to help put together special pieces of material for a keepsake, as well as a game.

While being a mom is certainly a tough and demanding vocation, the combination of parenting and work requires a delicate balance of setting priorities and making time for activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Of course, when the kids are at school or summer camp and the hubby’s at work, a mom definitely needs some healthy diversions that are creatively stimulating and downright fun. For those of us who seem to have a lot of printed cloth lying around the house, a great way to use those patterns in a crafty and engaging project is by turning them into a homemade bingo card {ever so crafty! A detailed tutorial can be found over at the well-known quilting blog Vroomans Quilts}. After making several of these cards for a few rounds of bingo, they can then be framed and given away as gifts to friends and family; they can also be hung on walls as a tasteful home decoration. And with the upcycling movement gaining mainstream popularity, sewing these homemade bingo cards is a timely method of converting excess cloth into a quaint, charming keepsake worthy of the utmost admiration and reverence.

For moms with flexible hours at their home-based jobs, online bingo gives people the opportunity to win considerable amounts of cash that can be saved up for the proverbial rainy day. Additionally, online bingo has a strong community of veteran players that pretty much guarantees a plethora of helpful tips and tricks. With the advent of iPads and Android phones, online bingo has turned into a comprehensive mobile and social gaming experience. Indeed, those who follow CheekyBingo on Twitter have gotten chances to win cash prizes just for sharing or retweeting promotions. And mothers take advantage of these opportunities at home.

Whether it involves do-it-yourself bingo cards or cheeky mascots, the humble game of bingo comes in many different forms. Hardworking moms will definitely benefit from daily bingo breaks as a form of wholesome recreation.

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