We were robbed last night. I forgot to lock the back door and go figure that’s pretty tempting to a passing-by thief. Long and short of it, very short indeed, is that they walked right in, took both our laptops, Josh’s wallet, his phone, and his keys…and, yes, our car. Sigh.

Lots of emotions, too many to type right now- it has been a brutal week and day for sure, especially with an imminent move. However, we are so blessed with a good God who protected us in our sleep and has provided us with an amazing community of friends who are supporting us- like with this loaner of a laptop, an extra stroller, and lots of help.

However, I am not sure how active I can or will be this week online…I will do my best, but I lost a lot of pictures when my laptop went away, so my plans to catch up on Rome and my in-laws’ visit are unfortunately not going to happen.

Right now, we’re {read that, Josh is} focusing on cancelling everything we own ;), setting up this laptop, talking with insurance, getting a new phone, and waiting….we should have a rental car as part of our insurance, which is great news! Can I just say that I love my husband?? He is wonderful in these stressful situations and so very good at planning and thinking ahead. I am so thankful for his meticulous record-keeping and thoughtful insurance planning.

Last word of advice- LOCK your doors and BACK up your computers every day! ;)


  1. Nana Phyllis says:

    So thankful you are all okay. That is the most important thing – people can’t be replaced, things can. We are praying and understand your anxiety. Hope the car is found and unharmed! Praying for a wonderful move next weekend. We’re thankful that Josh did all the work ahead to insure everything and have such good records. He certainly takes after his father and not his mother!!

  2. Oh no Emily. What a nightmare! I can’t believe you took the time to post. I am so so sorry for you. Glad you were safe, though.

  3. Andrea G says:

    Oh Emily. Oh my goodness. I can’t imagine. And you were in the apartment the whole time? Oh friend. I am so thankful you are safe. So glad your husband is so good with the paperwork and phone calls and you have some pictures backed up and some still on your camera from Rome??? Doesn’t help you just got back from vacation, have to move apartments, are in your 2nd trimester and emotions are high anyway, and you are leaving for the states in not too long. Oh my goodness you have a lot going! Praying for you friend!!!! If anyone can overcome this situation, I know you can!! Hard to consider it pure joy my friend, but HIs word is always true! I am praying and thinking of you!

  4. That is truly awful, I am so sorry you’re going thru this (but glad your husband is such a rock in times of trouble)! God bless!

  5. schroeder says:

    HORRID !!!!

    I am sorry to hear of your predictment. I am glad you and yours are safe and sound. Prayers your way.


  6. So sorry to hear this, Emily…what a horrible thing to wake up to:( I’m so thankful you guys are safe, and that Josh is ultra organized! We’ve been praying for you all.

  7. sorry very sorry to hear this sister. I promise the cyber world will excuse you for all the time you need ;) I seriously don’t know how you do what you do to begin with!

  8. I have thhght of y about 3,000 times since I saw Josh’s FB post vat this. It’s just terrible!! I’m so glad y’all were safe and sound. God is good. I hate the circumstances for you though. :(

  9. em- i was just in iowa and andrea told me- i’m so glad you guys are ok! love you