Crafty Kids

Rebekah & Luke are happiest when drawing, coloring, cutting, beading, or making some other sort of mischief at the kitchen table.  I am honestly so happy they have this great outlet for their energy and that it is a relatively easy {if maddeningly messy} habit to feed.  I LOVE to see their creations, as both kids are really progressing.  Rebekah is writing {and reading a bit!} more and more, which she loves to incorporate in to her art work and {a billion} little letters she composes daily for her friends and family.  Luke imagines all sorts of of heroes, shapes, and letters in his scribbles, and I just love watching him show them all to me.  This week, I made an intentional effort to sit with them as they colored and to color with them.  This particular night, it ended with Luke sitting on my lap and intently beading as I helped Rebekah spell out random words she just had to know.  A well spent 45 minutes. ;)

As for the center picture, I just like her room.  I like that a former craft for her cupcake par-tea got hung by the alphabet I bought as a we’re-moving-to-Scotland-present-for-myself since I would be the one looking at it the most.  {Luke has precious little counting birds in his room on brown ribbon with white polkadots, and he knows all the birds by name.  He often asks, “Where are my mourning doves/chickadees/sparrows….?  Der dey are!”}


  1. schroeder says:

    You are an incredible mom. The children of the world needs more mothers like you.


  2. Nana Phyllis says:

    They do love their crafts!! Can’t wait to do more cookie decorating with them in the future. What a nice way (altough messy) to spend time. So thankful they have a creative outlet. Love seeing them work on “projects”.

  3. I love that Luke knows all of the bird’s names. So precious! And Rebekah has always had great artistic skills–glad to see her brother following in her creative footsteps!

  4. FUN :) I often wish Jackson had an older sister because many friends with little boys post cute things like this! I think it would help him in his desire to be crafty and in his verbal skills. Anyways, we are trying to do more crafts over here. I’m especially interested in the picture of the bulletin board with hanging cups under it… What is this nifty storage system???

  5. Miss Mommy says:

    Dana- it’s from IKEA! It was super-cheap and I LOVE it! They have prettier versions for the kitchen, too! I found them in the kitchen section- it’s just a rod and then 3 plastic cups that suspend from it. Brilliant!

  6. When our children were younger we would do things like this. Time so well spent and wonderful memories in the making. Your children are truly Blessed to have such a great mom!!

  7. The Good Fairy says:

    Hey birds, want shum? Hey I want shum crafts. Everything looks so cheery in R’s bedroom. Now I want shum!