First Days of School!

Rebekah’s 1st Day

As you are well aware, Rebekah and Luke had their first days of school yesterday!  I was worried they would be too tired from jet lag, but God is so good and got them back on track just in the nick of time.  We had been waking Rebekah up between 9 and 10 am, and she was due at school at 8:55.  Hmmm…but, bless her heart, she went right down Sunday night and slept straight thru until 6:45 when she turboed into our room from a bad dream, cuddled up with me, and went back to sleep for another 30-40 minutes.  She woke up and said, “Mommy, I think it’s morning!’  I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was morning the first time she woke up.  ;)  Luke was still asleep, so Josh and I got some wonderful snuggle time and giggle time with our big girl.  It was during this time your prayers and mine must have kicked in because I just felt a sense of peace and purpose.  I realized it was my job to make this as exciting and fun for my kids as I could, celebrating their big days and welcoming a new era {versus feeling sad that these first 5 years flew by without me realizing it}.

Rebekah was soooo excited to put her uniform on  {which she picked out Sunday night after laying EVERY piece out to see what looked right with what} and get ready for school.  She never quit smiling- saying that she was beyond thrilled to start is an understatement!  Our only hiccup was Luke.  I had to awaken him at 8;30 {remember, jet lag} and he was super- confused why only Rebekah was going in the morning.  We tried to sort it out, that he would start after lunch, but he would have none of it.  Finally, packing him a lunch for breakfast seemed to satiate him, and we all set off to drop Rebekah off.  Having the whole family there and watching the kids, Rebekah’s good friends, pile in and greet her so enthusiastically really lightened my heart.  I loved seeing all the kids in their routine and being so responsible.  I also enjoyed seeing her teacher again {tho we touched base the night we flew in for Open House}, who really seems wonderfully patient and perfectly suited for this job of tending our little ones.  It was truly much less traumatic than I pictured.  It also helped that I chatted with Christy over the weekend and saw how excited Joshua was and all that he was already learning!

{The pics are reversed…sorry!}

While Rebekah played it down and focused on some of her less than favorite parts of her day {not getting to wear the pink vest to play outside, being told she needed to start drawing arms and legs in her pictures, saying she thought it would be “funner,” etc.}, after eating dinner, she pepped up more and supplied more of the fun details.  I knew she would do this, as it’s her custom to build things up in her mind in such a way, nothing short of spectacular could actually meet what she pictures.  However, I really believe she had a great day and will continue to have great days.

As for me, it reminds me of when I started teaching {I was 21 and my students were 15-18}.  There was sooo much build-up for that first day that when I finally made it through and celebrated with my parents at an amazing restaurant {Josh was out of town}, it hit me I had to go back the next day….and lots of days after that.  I felt that way last night- we made it!  Wait a second…we’re doing it again tomorrow!….Thus, I am learning a new routine: going thru her school bag that afternoon for homework {!?}, packing a lunch the night before, laying out clothes, preferably out of the room since Luke might still be asleep when she has to get ready, then Josh takes her to school at 8:50.  I tell you, it’s fairly intense…we already had to make a sock snake yesterday afternoon, and evidently, “some of the moms” sewed buttons on for eyes…you better believe I did too.  And this is just the beginning!

Luke’s First Day

Fiiiinally, it was time for Luke to start!  I say finally because I think he felt left out, though we very much enjoyed our time together in the morning.  Josh came home to drop him off with me, and Luke never looked back at us as trotted off for “Nursery1.”  It’s really just called nursery, but since Rebekah is in P1, Luke decided he was in Nursery 1.  Precious.  He only got to stay for 40 minutes, but I had to tear him away- he was not at all ready to come home.  Figures.  We came home and made cookie dough for cookies later to celebrate the kids’ first days!


  1. Nana Phyllis says:

    Absolutely love all the pictures. What a fun day! I’m sure Luke will be happier today when he gets to stay longer. Bekah looks pretty happy with her friends. So thankful the day went well for all. You will get into a routine and it will go more smoothly. (at least until you throw a new little Malone into the picture :-))

  2. Oh my goodness. I’m about to cry and they aren’t even my kids! They look so grown up! They also look adorable. So glad they both had a great first day. Although I bet Bekah wishes the school uniform was pink or purple instead of hunter green. I’m glad she has a nice big green bow, though, to go with her uniform. You gotta have the accessories. :)

  3. Kate- thanks! ;) The purple bow you made her has a nice hunter green leaf, so it’s a staple, too. She would love pink or purple, but at least they’re not at other schools… ;)

  4. Glad their days went so well!

    It made me smile as you remembered your first year of school. I know I was in your second year of teaching, but I just remember thinking how cool I thought you were before I even knew you! Coming into your classroom four days a week was a highlight that still makes me smile. Hopefully your kiddos will love their teachers as much as I did!

    ps. You are a cute little preggers lady. So excited to see baby #3!!!!

  5. Sooooo cute!!! I love these! My oldest baby will be starting in a couple of months and I can’t believe it!! It truly is a new ERA! Cheers, my friend!!