Fort William {Inverlochy Castle & Glencoe}

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Inverlochy Castle

I posted last week about our trip to Fort William.  Sunday was our only full day, so we hit the ground running!  When everyone was ready, we headed out to Inverlochy Castle.  In case you were wondering, it is indeed a ruin.  We were able to look around and skip rocks on the River Lochy {Josh did well anyway!}.

Such show offs!

The interior of Inverlochy Castle

More of the interior

My boys

Looking back at the castle from the River Lochy

Josh teaching the kids how to skip rocks

Kate, Luke, & me {LOVE his silly expression!}

Rebekah loves everything- truly, she is a fun-loving little girl!

My sweet boys again.


Next, we got back in the car to head to Glencoe.  Glencoe is another gorgeous area with tons of hiking trails.  Before you imagine all our amazing hikes {called walks here}, remember that we had 4 children 3 and under.  And, I can tell you, Luke was in a mood, so it was not as peaceful an experience as I had hoped.  Regardless, it was beautiful.  Plus, the Glencoe Visitor Centre is fabulous, though it tells the woeful tale of a massacre.  Evidently, the MacDonald clan massacred another clan (men, women, and children) at that site after lodging with them for 12 days.  Mass killings were not uncommon, but it was extremely bad form to break hospitality like that.

Typical Scottish mist hanging on the mountains.



Rebekah & a thistle

The mums & kids

The view

LOVED seeing them all holding hands!

Kate gave Rebekah a piggy-back ride.

The rest of the day

That afternoon we tried to rest {oh well} and then we just played with the kids.  While Kate cooked dinner, our family took a quick jaunt to Roy Bridge and Spean Bridge {nothing like touring around while someone else makes dinner, eh?}.  Roy Bridge is what it sounds alike- a bridge.  Spean Bridge is a little juncture on the way to Fort William and has a couple little shops and a whisky exhibit.  We made a hasty exit, though, when the kids wanted to touch and buy everything.  We need a cool response to, “Mom, can we buy this?”

The other interesting thing we experienced was “the midges.”  The size of a gnat with the bite of a mosquito, midges are pretty annoying.  Evidently, everybody has a different reaction to them- some are “nae bothered”, some are pretty sensitive.  Callum and Luke were in the latter category- the midges really feasted on them, leaving little red welps on their baby faces and arms.

That night we gave them all a bath at the same time!!  It was actually really fun for everyone!  Check out their faces…

The girls had a ball!

Luke is cracking me up here.

Still love his expressive little mouth.

Lily is about to douse Rebekah!

Luke looks cheeky again. Sweet Callum just endured it all.


  1. Love the bathtub pic! So fun…Oh what life COULD be like!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful! I love the look of Glencoe and would like to visit, but I doubt we would have a very successful or cheerful “walk”. Great bath! How fun!

  3. That last picture of Josh and Luke are just too precious. I love it! And the bathtub pics?? Awesome! They’ll be great to pull out as blackmail when the kids are 15. ;)

  4. Hi Em!
    Boy do all those places look familiar – would love to come over there again – LOVE Scotland! Just been in contact on FB with some folks from Northwest, which made me think of you – wanted to see what you and your lovely family are up to. Write if you get the chance!
    Love & blessings,
    Amy (Mrs. Rockenbach :) )
    P.S. Tell your mom I said hi!

  5. All of those places are so beautiful, what a fun trip! I also love the bath photo, the kids do look happy. It also reminds me of times when I used to bathe with my cousins and sister, I was around Rebekah’s age and still remember!

  6. What great fun to see Amy’s comment – hi right back to you!!

    Loved that bathtub photos, and the scnery was gorgeous! Looks like your camera is still doing OK(?) -

  7. Andrea G says:

    How fun! I would love to go on vacation with friends! We always do family vacations, but that looks like so much fun!! I would need a friend who is a really good cook though :)

  8. Miss Mommy says:

    I’m not sure if I’m a really good cook, but I would be happy to cook for you, Andrea!