Happy 4th Birthday, Rebekah!!

Happy 4th Birthday!

My sweet girl is 4 today.  I would say I am surprised, but she has felt 4 for about 2 years now.  Rebekah is a treasure of a daughter and a gem of a big sister.  We are very blessed by her, as are all mamas of sweet girls.  ;)

Rebekah, I love you more than I know how to express.  You are everything I imagined having a daughter would be…but so much more fulfilling that I could have ever known!  I love spending time with you and cherish our dates.  I love that you still think I know everything and am the most wonderful mommy in the whole world.  I also love how you love life, how dramatic you are, how you express every thought you’ve ever had, how you love your brother, how loyal you are, how fully you commit yourself to causes and friendships with all abandon.  I love you.  You are truly spectacular.

{For a beautiful tribute to Rebekah, check out my parents’ blog.}

The Birthday Girl!

The Malone Ladies

Opening a few presents on the party day…we gave her the IKEA tea set which was a big hit (for Luke, too! He has been serving us “hot coffee”  with “milk” as often as he can.)

And today…Nana got Rebekah up this morning…she ran in at 6:45, yelling, “I’m 4!!  I’m 4!!!”  over and over again!  It was delightful.  Luke was about 50 steps behind her and the sight of him wheeling in yelling, “happy Birthday, Gecka!” about undid me.  We are so, so blessed!

After everybody got up (I dragged myself out of bed at 7), we gathered to do presents.  She got a lot of games and some dress up clothes, as well as a cute dress.  She loved it all!  She also got some craft supplies…you’ll see she was treated like royalty with Nana and Daddy-made chocolate chip pancakes and eggs…then, as she was finishing up, Josh and I pulled out her art easel and princess scooter.  I got the easel months ago at the NCT sale and a friend gave us the scooter for free!  Most of her gifts came from charity shops or NCT, too- all in excellent condition.  Anyway, Rebekah spotted the scooter and squealed, “What is THAT?!?!  A scooter!!!!!”  and immediately hopped on.  I think it was all a big success.

We’re going to Jimmy Chung’s for lunch and as requested, I’m making pizza for dinner. It’s gonna be a fun day!


  1. Derricca says:

    Abigail woke up while I was looking at these pictures. (which are great, by the way) She loved looking at pictures of Rebekah, especially the one of her in the princess dress. (She has one like it) She looks so grown up, and you look fabulous. I love the green dress on you!

    Here is a message from Abigail to Rebekah:

    jukkknkn,,,nkgk,nk ll/vhjujvjbbububbbbbi vu uj b i hjioxcc jcuvojvbbjkbjvjvjjkvikvckjvociojkiijibou kjuvu k k

    Abigail said that her message said “I love “Bekah”, I want to be like you!” :)
    Happy birthday Rebekah!!!

  2. Oh my gosh! A birthday BONANZA. I hope Riley Jane isn’t reading this blog (well of course she is) because she’s getting that tea set for her birthday!!!!!

  3. You do it up right! I hope she has a wonderful birthday and that y’all soak up family time from all angles. Great pictures! You look fabulous and so does Mrs. Malone. Love the Malone girls picture! Happy 4th Birthday pretty girl!

  4. Happy birthday, Rebekah!! The pictures really do a great job of capturing her sweet, sweet smile! What fun! I was cracking up at her “I’m 4!! I’m 4!!”. Once upon a time, I was that excited to turn a year older. ;)

    And you look fabulous in your green dress. Such a great color for you.

  5. Ahhhh, happy birthday, Beks! Please send the Owens her love. She is looking very grown up in some of those photos. Definitely has lost that 3 year little girl in her from last year’s photos. Miss you guys! Have fun in London!

  6. What a sweet letter about Rebekah! I love the princess dress photos too, and agree you look great in the green dress. What good finds on the easel and scooter.

  7. Happy FOURTH birthday, Rebekah!!!!

    Is it possible that she even looks a tiny bit older today? Maybe it’s mental- she feels older thus she looks older. :) Big props to all the Malones on breakfast, lunch, dinner, presents (“what is THAT? A SCOOTER!!” I can hear her all the way over here. :) Have a great rest of the day and enjoy your trip to London later in the week! love you guys! :)

  8. Miss Mommy says:

    Thanks, Jillie! I think you can hear her. ;) As for her looking older, it’s her hair down, no accessories (such as a bow), and her real smile. I know I’m her mama, but I think she is just gorgeous. ;)

  9. Andrea G says:

    Happy Birthday Rebekah Malone! You look beautiful in your princess dress and so thrilled by your birthday!!! I love the picture of the Malone women too! You all look great! David is a fan of Guess Who!

  10. Happy Birthday my precious birthday – how I do love you! You have been a delight to Grandy and me for 4 years now, and we love you more all the time. I’m so glad it was a great day for you!
    Much love to you,

  11. Happy Birthday Rebekah!

  12. WELL, DUH, of course she is GORGEOUS!!! PS- I love your green dress. I meant to tell you that earlier. I’m wearing a green sweater today too. :)

  13. Miss Mommy says:

    Green is the way to go.

  14. Thanks for sharing your daughter’s birthday with us. I’m in no hurry for my 11 month old daughter to be four. I know it will be here before I know it. These days are just flying by. Have a wonderful day. It sounds like it has been so far.

  15. Happy birthday, Rebekah! Loved the pictures, love her excitement. What a sweet girl:) It sounds like a special day, & how awesome to have Josh’s parents there to celebrate, too!

  16. What a happy day! Rebekah is the sweetest 4 year old girl. I love how excited she was on her special day. Happy birthday!