Hoppy Birthday, Luke!

This year, I had to cut back on the invitation list for Luke’s birthday party- so sad, but we have sooo little space for entire families.  So, I invited the kids Luke sees all the time and is most comfortable with since he can get a little overwhelmed at times.  We have been discussing this party and its theme for a few months now- he wanted frogs.  Okay.  I had a lot of fun over the past few weeks gathering things and brainstorming ideas.  I decided with Rachel Nigh‘s help to do a frogs/wellies/raincoat theme.  Rebekah and Luke are always eager to help, so their touches are present, too.

We played pin the frog on the lily pad, we “fished” for candy, and we made plastic frogs jump onto lily pads on Bekah’s and Luke’s handdrawn pond.  We also made frog hats.

It’s raining Cats & Frogs!

Hoppy Birthday, Luke!

Time’s Fun When You’re Having Flies…

It all ended with a very happy and tired little boy…

For the hats:

I bought a pack of colored paper and made one hat as a template.  Then, I had everything glued and in a small bag with the child’s name on it so they could construct them quickly with a parent’s help.

For the pin the frog on the lily pad:

I quickly drew 2 lop-sided hearts as templates and stacked 2 sheets to cut out 4.  Then I did the same with the flowers.  Finally, I just did a frog head for each child since I’m not an artist.  I penciled their names on and had tape on the back.  We used scarves to cover their eyes.  I had 2 prizes for the closest pinnings.

For the fishing:

I found 3 sticks outside and tied string on one end.  At the end of the string we attached a clothespin.  I had my daughter sit behind a sheet hung in their room and put candy or small favor toys on the clothespins.  This was a big hit!

For the frog jump:

Our grocery store had little plastic frogs that you can push on one end to make them spring forward.  The kids made a “pond” with lily pads and we just had the kids try to get the frogs on the lily pads.  I could have done prizes, but it seemed gratuitous.


  1. Nana Phyllis says:

    Wishing the grandparents could have all been there! We’ll look forward to our 4th of July celebration in shiner with all grandparents together!! Looks and sounds like a great party. You did a wonderful job, Em. Loved skyping and seeing/hearing the kids. Lizzie is adorable and can’t wait to get reacquainted with her and get some of those sweet smiles coming my way. praying for the house inspection!!

  2. Another successful party put on by you! bravo!

  3. What a fun party – you did a great job Emily! I know the children all had a great time as evidenced by all the naps afterward. You are so creative – got it from my Mom, sister, and your Dad – certainly not from me but I’m delighted that you have it and have such fun with it! Much love to all – Mom/Mamama

  4. I so enjoy planning parties for this age. Soon enough they won’t probably won’t appreciate my themes, games and crafts so I’m taking advantage of the fact that they do now. Looks like a great party.