Just some cute ones of R & L

Just wanted y’all to see some cute pics of Bekah and Luke. Luke really is doing so well! He smiles so much now and lights up when you smile back at him! he is starting to be aware of when I leave the room…yikes- not that again!! I can tickle him and get a full chortle! It’s great. Bless his heart, he has had to change constipation med’s and formula and seems to be doing better digestion-wise! PTL! His acne seems to be clearing up in that we aren’t seeing too many new pimples, which is exciting!

Thanks, Shari, for the awesome outfit below! Unfortunately he pooped his way out of it, so he didn’t get to wear it long… :(

Just a random shot- they don’t fridge their eggs here and they’re always brown. That is the only size bag of chocolate chips and was about $3. That vanilla is about the size of a thimble and was $2! Once again, how do these people live???

Our flat- we are on the 2nd floor on the left.

Our flat from the view of Bekah’s swings…

At the hub- an eating area on campus. R LOVED running around this morning!


  1. Luke is so sweet! Kiss him for us. Once again, love Rebe’s funny faces.

    Ok, the expense for my addiction (chocolate) would be a huge problem. That bag wouldn’t last me long at all. Can you imagine if the two of us were dipping into the glass jar! Yikes!

    Is everyone anorexic or wealthy?

    Thanks for being so active blogging! It helps all of us who miss you so.

  2. L is so cute! Glad to hear that he is so happy even with all the changes he has dealt with in his little life.


  3. Em,
    It does really help to see the photos, and I always love reading what you write! Luke looks adorable, and I’m so happy for the improvements he’s made. Much love to you as always,

  4. Emily you are so good at helping us see what it is like! I love the money specifics… do people have gardens to grow their own food?

    Luke looks precious as always!