Lizzie is 3!


This is the first time I have felt sad about one of my kids’ birthdays.  I usually feel this great sense of accomplishment and pride, not only in keeping them alive for the year, but in having survived it myself.  I’m chalking my strange nostalgia up to this being my last and final child, and me truly recognizing how fleeting their baby years are.  I always say that Bekah made me love being a mother, Luke made me love little boys, and Lizzie made me love babies.  It took 3 for things to really click for me, and now we’re leaving the infant stage and progressing on into having three very distinct little people.  If Bekah is my serious, thoughtful, generous child, and Luke is my silly, loving, cuddly child, Lizzie is my strong-willed, independent, active child.  At least those are the 3 descriptors that first come to mind.  Because she’s so cute, people often fail to see what a challenge she is.  Maybe because she’s my third I’m not too ruffled about it, trusting and praying that the Lord will see this through.  ;)

Lizzie, darling girl, you make me smile than I ever have before.  Your ginormous brown eyes are a wonder to watch at they fill with delight, humor, silliness, and even disdain.  I always know what you’re thinking, and Daddy says he now knows what I must have been like as a child.  ;)  You give me great joy, my precious girl, and you are difficult at times, but you are always my girl and you start and end each day in my arms.  I love your enthusiasm and your wide range of emotions, as well as your ability to articulate EXACTLY what you are thinking.  Recently I have seen you choose kindness and generosity, and I have felt pleasure at your self-sacrifice as you learn how to give just a little.  I pray that your heart will one day truly trust Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins, and I am excited to see you start to learn spiritual truths that I hope will blossom into a lifelong walk of belief and faithfulness on your part, as I know the Lord will be faithful to you, dear one.

Today, I wish you the happiest day, and I hope you know that there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than celebrating with you and our family.

{pics from the last year}


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