Luke’s 6th LEGO Party

Happy Birthday, Luke!

My sweet and only son turned 6 yesterday.  I am awe-struck….that he is 6, that we survived his infancy, that he is the precious boy he is, that few remember him as the baby who wouldn’t leave my side and only know him as a fun-loving, kind, thoughtful, tender, smart boy.  There were times that I wondered if Luke would ever be able stand on his own two feet {literally….he didn’t walk until 19 months!}, much less go to kindergarten all day!  Luke is such a champ- he has really blossomed this year.  He is a budding reader and writer and a good friend.  He loves his school and his teacher and has learned so much there.  We are so proud of our boy and the heart the Lord is developing in him.

Luke’s Lego Party

Onto the party- Luke is just now into Legos.  As he can use any fine motor-based toy, we have been encouraging them.  As such, we thought his new excitement would be a great party theme.  And, you know what?  When you make it a Legos party, you bulk up your stash!  Luke didn’t have that many Legos, but that was pretty much remedied today.



p.s.  As each boy excitedly brought his present to Luke for him to open, I quickly filled out these cards from WE Giggle for Luke to sign.  My cousin makes them, by the way, and they were a huge time saver, an organizational godsend, and an easy way to politely say thank you without making Luke’s hand fall off.  ;)



Looking at that loot, you may wonder exactly how many children attended the party.  Well, I am a bit crazy, so i invited all 9 boys from his kinder class, 4 boys from church, and 2 from preschool last year.  All but 1 came.  I shipped Lizzie off to my mil’s, and had my mom, my daughter, my daughter’s friend, and myself each man a Lego station, and that’s how we rolled.  I picked up about 10 or 11 kids at school and we walked home while my mom greeted the dropped off kids.  We snacked them first…the adorable Lego cookies were a gift of labor and love from Josh’s mom, Phyllis.  :)

{p.s.  Watching 16 or so 6 year olds eat chips is like watching a competition of who can get as much on the ground as possible}


Then we rotated between 4 stations in assigned groups of 4 or so, opened presents, awarded prizes for games, and then kicked around some balls outside while we waited for pick up.  I’m not gonna lie.  I’m pretty proud of myself.



Station 1: Lego coloring sheet.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

Station 2: Make a mask and guess how many legos were in a jar.

Station 3: Pin the head on the Lego man and Lego toss into cups.


Station 4: {my fave} Lego building game  Each kid has a cup of legos.  They roll the die and whatever number they get, they have ti build with, making each kid build onto another’s work.  Super-fun!  I didn’t mean for them to end up under the table, but I think they liked it there.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC


  1. Chelsea Malone says:

    Looks like so much fun! Awesome job! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE!!!!

  2. It was a great party Emily – the boys had a great time, and the birthday boy certainly did as he should have! I’m so glad to be here for it. (-:

  3. Schroeder says:

    Your alive !!!

    Happy Birthday to your boy.

    How is lil miss sass doing ?

  4. Miss Mommy says:

    Sassy as ever, Schroeder!