Our Victory Lap {Scotland Trip!}

Last week, Josh and I got back from our trip to the UK, which we happily called our “Victory Lap.”  Josh had his “Viva Voce” or something like that- essentially an oral defense of his PhD on the trinity.  Anyway, we lived in Aberdeen for 4 years, and while many church friends still reside there, most of our American friends have moved on for various reasons.  Thus, we split our time between Edinburgh, St. Andrews, and Aberdeen.  During our victory lap, I rode 10 planes, 2 trains, a couple cabs, and in a rental car which Josh drove, thankfully.  I don’t do stick at all, but definitely not on the left side of the road.

I don’t want to bore the 3 of you who read this with details you already know, so I’ll give a few captions here and there.  The important part can be summed up as follows:

  • Josh passed his Viva with minor corrections!!
  • The kids and we survived!
  • We had a wonderful trip and enjoyed every minute.


We flew into Edinburgh and stayed with some sweet Scots we met while we both lived in Aberdeen.  We’ve both had a baby girl since seeing each other last, so it was even more fun getting to see their newest daughter, just a few months younger than our Lizzie.

IMG_8243 IMG_8246


St. Andrew’s

From Edinburgh, we trained to St. Andrew’s to see Josh’s adviser who has changed jobs, but more importantly, to see some of our best friends from Aberdeen who also changed jobs to St. A.  I am sad I didn’t get more pictures of our friends there.  We had such a great time reuniting with several families in St. Andrew’s.

IMG_8247 IMG_8249 IMG_8252 IMG_8253

THE Dr. Webster

IMG_8254 IMG_8256 IMG_8257 IMG_8259 IMG_8260 IMG_8262 IMG_8263 IMG_8264 IMG_8265 IMG_8266 IMG_8267

Our favorite Indian food…eating is a huge part of our lives, including our travel.


Arbroath/Dunnottar Castle

We rented a car to drive to Aberdeen, so we could stop at Arbroath and our favorite castle, Dunnottar.

Why Arbroath, you ask?  Well, Josh needed a “smokie.”

IMG_8270 IMG_8271 IMG_8272 IMG_8274 IMG_8275 IMG_8276

Dunnottar needs no explanation…

IMG_8278 IMG_8280 IMG_8281 IMG_8283 IMG_8284 IMG_8285 IMG_8286 IMG_8287 IMG_8290 IMG_8291 IMG_8292 IMG_8293 IMG_8294 IMG_8295 IMG_8296 IMG_8297 IMG_8298 IMG_8300 IMG_8302 IMG_8303 IMG_8307 IMG_8310


Onto Aberdeen…

IMG_8313 IMG_8314 IMG_8315 IMG_8317 IMG_8318

The above pics are of Gilcomston South, our church we loved.  We were able to attend the Sunday we were there, and also have lunch with sweet friends.

IMG_8320 IMG_8322 IMG_8323

Old Aberdeen and the Uni

IMG_8327 IMG_8328 IMG_8330 IMG_8331 IMG_8334 IMG_8335 IMG_8337 IMG_8338 IMG_8341

Fun friends

Our minister, Dominic.


I ran into a sweet friend just walking around!  I was regretting not having planned a visit with Michelle, then there she was!!

IMG_8343 IMG_8344

Visiting American friends at my last flat for a play group.



Dr. Malone!

IMG_8350 IMG_8353

And, then 5 flights later, I came home to this!

IMG_8364 IMG_8367 IMG_8370


  1. Nana Phyllos says:

    Loved seeing the photos! Brought back wonderful memories of places and food! So thankful you could both go and that it was a great reunion with friends. More importantly you came home Dr. And Mrs. Dr. Malone!

  2. awesome!
    some great photos, too. thanks for posting! seeing some of those makes me miss Aberdeen, too. was it weird to be there without any kids?

  3. Andrea G says:

    Congratulations to Josh and to you! What BEAUTIFUL pictures and a fun get away for the two of you! We still haven’t left the kids for a week yet, but we should :) Miss you!

  4. What a great post!! Loved all the pics of your fun and very successful trip to Scotland! Your Dad and I are very proud of both you and Josh!! The summer of 2014 will long be remembered!

  5. Miss Mommy says:

    Thanks, Mom {and Dad}!

  6. Rachel Ann says:

    That’s so fun that you got to go back and visit! I enjoyed seeing your pictures and hearing about your trip!