Rebekah’s Un-Birthday

My mom {aka Mamama- Rebekah’s 15 month version of Grandmama} is here!!!!! We are so excited for so many reasons! One of the main ones for me is that Josh is gone the better part of this week, so it has been sooooo nice having someone to help me with kids and just chat with {that is when the kids aren’t chatting over us!}. ;) We are already having so much fun- on Monday we celebrated Rebekah’s un-birthday so my mom could give her all her birthday gifts. As you can imagine, gift-giving involved many dresses and some really fun crafty things, as well as some toys. Check it out!


  1. The Good Fairy says:

    I know one small child who will be “helping” Rebekah play with that wooden food!

  2. Miss Mommy says:

    Good Fairy- I sure hope so!! Rebekah has been enjoying being a waitress with the craft apron and pad with it all. She could certainly use some help. ;)

  3. Happy unBirthday beautiful girl. Such neat gifts! I need to remember this when my girls get a bit older :)