While in Scotland, we made some dea rPhD friends, many of whom we’re finding ourselves geographically closer to on the west coast!  We live in Spokane, WA {the inland northwest, almost on the ID border}, and two sets of very close friends live north and south of Seattle {west coast}, a place we’d only flown through.

Now that Josh has finished his PhD {YAAAAAAYYYY!!!}, we have time to visit these friends!  Last weekend we headed west and stayed with Kate and her family near Bellingham.  It is considerably rainier and cooler on the west side, but we were blessed with perfect weather on the 70′s and lower 80′s.  Our kids had a ball, and it was one big sleep-over for us all!

I didn’t do a good job on taking lots of pictures, but I did take some fun ones the day we went to the “beach”- a beachy area on the bay off the Puget Sound.  We were almost as far north as Canada, and it was just lovely.

Bekah is almost 8, Lily is 7.5

Luke is 6, Callum is 5

Lizzie is 2.5, Isaac is 1.5

So, yes, their kids are giant.


IMG_8474 IMG_8475 IMG_8476 IMG_8477 IMG_8479 IMG_8480 IMG_8481 IMG_8483 IMG_8486 IMG_8487 IMG_8490 IMG_8491 IMG_8495

One day we took a day trip to visit Christy and her family- they live south of Seattle, in Olympia, so we met at the zoo.  They stayed with us over a year ago, so it had been a while, and was a great reunion of adults and kids alike!

Joshua is 8.5, Abigail is 5, and Micah is almost 2.  We so appreciate our friends having play mates for our kids.  So thoughtful.

IMG_8426 IMG_8428 IMG_8431 IMG_8434IMG_8442 IMG_8443 IMG_8446 IMG_8448 IMG_8449 IMG_8457 IMG_8458 IMG_8470


So, we’ve basically only seen the zoo and Seattle’s traffic, but seeing friends seemed more important than sight seeing.  I think we spent our time well.