An Afternoon Tea Party for Bekah’s 8th Birthday


This weekend, Rebekah turned 8.  We can’t believe it.  Our girl is just darling- sweet, tender, thoughtful, smart, quick-witted, lover of Jesus, amazing big sister, and blessing of a daughter.  We are so proud of the little person she already is. As is her custom, Beks chose a tea party for her birthday {see also […]

Luke’s 6th LEGO Party


Happy Birthday, Luke! My sweet and only son turned 6 yesterday.  I am awe-struck….that he is 6, that we survived his infancy, that he is the precious boy he is, that few remember him as the baby who wouldn’t leave my side and only know him as a fun-loving, kind, thoughtful, tender, smart boy.  There […]

Happy Birthday, Lizzie!

Day 1

Lizzie Beth, HOW ARE YOU ONE ALREADY?!?!  While I can barely remember life without you, I can’t fathom that you’re already 1. Elizabeth, Sophia, you have brought us much joy.  {see your birth story here} Those first few days, as you stared at me with those ridiculously enormous eyes of yours, I knew that if […]

Luke’s Gruffalo Party!


Luke’s Gruffalo Party & Puppet Show Luke decided he wanted a Gruffalo party {read that, I suggested it, and he said yes}. So, I enlisted some serious help with the great Rachel Nigh, who once again impressively delivered. She made Gruffalo character pictures for the wall, as well as an entire puppet show stage and […]

Luke’s Birthday!

s 3rd bday.jpg

I am skipping Menu Plan Monday because it’s a weird week and I just don’t feel like it.  Such a rebel, I know.  Anyway, yesterday my boy turned 3, and we had such a fun day filled with great, creative, well-received gifts with a super-excited sister, a pancake and sausage breakfast, then church, then Burger […]