Our 13th Year of Bliss!


13 Years!!! Today marks our 13th year of wedded bliss.  I’ll be the first to admit that even marrying my best friend and the coolest, handsomest, smartest man I know still doesn’t change the fact that anniversaries mean something.  Another year of working through differing opinions, another year of learning about each other and choosing […]

Easter Finery


I forgot to post these.  It has been a whirlwind of a few weeks, as Josh is FINISHING his PhD…yep, Scotland-bound in June to defend it and then I’m Mrs. Dr. Malone.  ;) The kids on Easter.  You know, what…now that I think about it, this is the week after Easter.  Oops.   Easter.  You […]

Luke’s 6th LEGO Party


Happy Birthday, Luke! My sweet and only son turned 6 yesterday.  I am awe-struck….that he is 6, that we survived his infancy, that he is the precious boy he is, that few remember him as the baby who wouldn’t leave my side and only know him as a fun-loving, kind, thoughtful, tender, smart boy.  There […]

Christmas Day!


Well, let’s start with Christmas Eve.  I spent most of the day cleaning up Lizzie’s stubborn streak in the form of potty accidents and cooking.  Don’t worry- lots of hand washing was had.  I’ll be honest, I am not exactly thrilled about her resistance, but look at her.  Sigh.   We started a Tex-Mex tradition […]

Merry Christmas Season!

Family006 (1)

I know it has been a while, so let’s just get past that.  Our family flew to Texas in November for Josh’s sister’s wedding.  Sarah and David were happily and beautifully wed, and Bekah and I were even in the wedding!   An added bonus was that the kids and I {and Josh for a […]