While in Scotland, we made some dea rPhD friends, many of whom we’re finding ourselves geographically closer to on the west coast!  We live in Spokane, WA {the inland northwest, almost on the ID border}, and two sets of very close friends live north and south of Seattle {west coast}, a place we’d only flown […]

Reunion with the Sumners!


It was so fun getting to see Christy’s family again!  We met 3 1/2 years ago when I managed to locate them at their hotel upon arrival in Aberdeen.  I took Christy to the grocery store to get food for her family and we had some good talks.  They ended up living a minute from […]

Rebekah & Abel’s Rock & Rainbow Party

3 Muskateers

Rebekah figured out a WHILE ago that she would not be in Scotland to celebrate her 6th birthday with her best friends, Abel and Joshua.  Thus we hatched a plan to have an early party and then Abel’s mom had the brilliant idea to do a double early party to include both Rebekah and Abel […]

The Queen’s Jubilee!


So, this week marks the 60th year Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne- when asked at church how she became the queen, Rebekah {in all seriousness} answered that Queen Elizabeth I had to die.  Fair enough.  Anyway….it has been so cool living here for the Royal Wedding last year, the “Diamond” Jubilee right […]

Lizzie’s New Quilt!


Kate made Lizzie a gorgeous quilt I am so excited about!!  They’re my favorite colors and it’s such a perfect size and weight.  I am so honored by this gift- a labor or love for sure!  Rachel made Lizzie some really cool bunting, too- I just need to get it hung so I can take […]