While in Scotland, we made some dea rPhD friends, many of whom we’re finding ourselves geographically closer to on the west coast!  We live in Spokane, WA {the inland northwest, almost on the ID border}, and two sets of very close friends live north and south of Seattle {west coast}, a place we’d only flown […]

Things I Love Thursday: My Husband

Suited up for preaching.

Maybe I’ve mentioned before that I love my husband to the moon and back- I did move to Iowa and then Scotland with him.  ;)  Besides his boyish good looks and sense of humor, one of my favorite things about Josh is his commitment to serving the church.  Whether he was a college student, an […]

The Adventures of Miss Mommy begin!

When we started Malone Kids, Rebekah was just 3 weeks old- we could only imagien actually having TWO kids!

Today I am saying farewell to blogspot and to Malone Kids!  You may wonder why I am making this change- in short, I wanted a blog that encompassed our whole lives- not only the kids, but also our adventures as a family.  When we started the blog, Rebekah was 3 weeks old, and I couldn’t […]