36 Weeks!


I’m going in for my 36-week midwife appointment this morning…not that’s it any different than any other one.  It just signals we’re almost there!  Baby girl is probably 5-6 pounds and close to 19 or 20 inches, based on general estimates {nothing to do with her specifically}.  She {and I} are basically just putting on […]

35 Weeks!!

35 weeks

So, yes, I forgot to update last week for 34 weeks.  ;)  I am working so hard to get ahead on my work, I am slacking on this blog.  Once we have the baby though, I will not be working for a while, so I can get back to inundating you with millions of Malone […]

33 weeks!

The kids that morning :)

I meant to post this on Wednesday as that was when I was 33 weeks…oh well. What we’re looking like this week… 33 weeks pregnant for me- that’s why I didn’t post- I knew it was blurry and wanted a better shot and forgot to do it.  Typical.  You get the idea, though… Precious uniformed girl […]

My Baby Shower

Diaper Cake my sister-in-law made

I am very blessed to have some wonderful friends and family in Texas who threw a fantastic baby shower for our little girl!  We will meet her somewhere around 7-8 weeks from now, Lord willing, but for now I am looking at all these wonderful gifts and dreaming of her tiny face.  :)  I also […]

Back to Scotland! {& almost 32 weeks}

Boxes & 32 weeks 005

Today is our last full day here in the great state of Texas.  I have completely mixed emotions about it- 3 1/2 weeks have been wonderful, but have gone by far too quickly.  At the same time, I am missing Josh something fierce and the kids are quite eager to reconnect with Daddy!  The other […]