While in Scotland, we made some dea rPhD friends, many of whom we’re finding ourselves geographically closer to on the west coast!  We live in Spokane, WA {the inland northwest, almost on the ID border}, and two sets of very close friends live north and south of Seattle {west coast}, a place we’d only flown […]

Our Victory Lap {Scotland Trip!}


Last week, Josh and I got back from our trip to the UK, which we happily called our “Victory Lap.”  Josh had his “Viva Voce” or something like that- essentially an oral defense of his PhD on the trinity.  Anyway, we lived in Aberdeen for 4 years, and while many church friends still reside there, […]

Merry Christmas Season!

Family006 (1)

I know it has been a while, so let’s just get past that.  Our family flew to Texas in November for Josh’s sister’s wedding.  Sarah and David were happily and beautifully wed, and Bekah and I were even in the wedding!   An added bonus was that the kids and I {and Josh for a […]

We made it to TX!


I will summarize quickly…the flight was long and sometimes hard, but we made it safely to TX…6 of our 9 checked items did not.  We are still waiting on them.  Apparently, FedEx does not deliver on the 4th.  We are managing just fine, tho.  :)  Kids are adjusting beautifully- Lizzie got right on track, tho […]

Our Trip to Ireland

Dublin with Kids We had a lovely trip to Ireland this weekend with the kids and Josh’s parents!  We hopped a RyanAir flight from Aberdeen to Dublin, which only took an hour.  We packed very light and didn’t check anything- made for the cheapest travel possible.  Josh figured out what buses we needed when and […]