Teaching Spanish to Toddlers & Preschoolers {Lesson 6}

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español escosés {Scottish Spanish}

I offered to teach Spanish to the toddlers and preschoolers in our play group every Monday at 11am.  I thought I’d share my lesson plans, tweaks, and vocabulary for anyone interested, as well as for the moms to review their kids for the next week. *Each week, we are learning part of the alphabet, a new color, as well as various phrases or terms (maybe 4-6 phrases or terms a time).  Most lessons will be based on toys or other tactile objects and I will incorporate or just add a story in Spanish and/or Bible story.  I ordered several bilingual books online and my mom sent me some, too!  I also ordered a children’s Bible in Spanish.

lunes,  27 de septiembre


  • Review last week’s themes
  • Practice alphabet (A-X), add Y and Z (and end of song) and practice
  • Talk about the days of the week
  • Read story
  • Sing Colores (review rojo, verde, azul, morado, amarillo, and add blanco)


  1. Sing Buenos Dias song together.  Then have the kids ask a friend how they are.
  2. Have each child find a toy that is a certain color and then present the toys to practice colors.
  3. Have moms help encourage kids to practice their letters.  Add on to chant.  Lots of repetition and praise (muy bien!).
  4. Ask the kids about the days of the week?  What are they?  How many are there?  Which is their favorite and why?  When do they go to school?
  5. Learn the 7 days of the week by repetition, one by one.  Practice with this song, focusing on the days.  It’s also a great way to remind yourself how to pronounce the days if you’re not used to Spanish.
  6. Read The Hungry Caterpillar in English/Spanish, pointing out the days.
  7. Sing Colores song.  Rachel leads and reviews colors, then  adds next color: blanco.
  8. Practice action verb commands.  Christy led us in a fun Spanglish version of Hop, Little Bunnies, which they all loved!  While unintentional, it was smart to do this last as all the kids got understandably rowdy!

See the little bunnies sleeping til it's nearly noon....

Let us wake them gently with our merry tune...WAKE UP!

Salta, little bunnies, salta, salta!.....y Para!


    • lunes- Monday
    • martes- Tuesday
    • miércoles- Wednesday
    • jueves- Thursday
    • viernes- Friday
    • sábado- Saturday
    • domingo- Sunday
    • blanco- white
    • leche- milk

    *Tip: when you put “el” in front of the day of the week, it becomes on ____.  So, to just say “Monday”, all you’d need is “lunes.”  However, to say “on Monday,” you’d say “el lunes,” and to say “on Mondays,” you’d say “los lunes.”


    Another coloring sheet for the Hungry Caterpillar

    Here are some coloring sheets from the Hungry Caterpillar.  I was thinking you could help them color and then cut out the various foods the hungry caterpillar ate and have them paste them on a “caterpillar” of your own you make or draw with 7 circles- each circle represents a day and you could label them if you wanted and have the kids glue the foods on the right day.  By doing this craft mid-week, you are reminding them of the story, and therefore the lesson, which allows you to review the days of the week. For extra fun, you could count the foods (uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis…) in the English version if you have it. For more Hungry Caterpillar ideas, try these.


    1. Nana Phyllis says:

      Love those little bunnies – too cute. Sounds like ou are moving right along with those Spanish lessons. I’m so proud of you for doing this for the children.

    2. What a great connection with the Hungry Caterpillar and the days of the week! Are you sure you aren’t a former ELEMENTARY teacher? :)

    3. Your Mom thinks you are pretty terrific!