We had our first sick day

First Sick Day

Rebekah’s Sick Day

No one in our family had been sick since November.  We do live in Scotland where it’s culturally acceptable to take your flu-ridden child to creche or nursery since all the kids are going to get the germs eventually anyway, so it was inevitable.  As usual, Rebekah got it first, then Luke, then me, and now Josh.  It’s not a huge deal- a kinda bad cough and cold symptoms.  Unfortunately, Rebe’s cough started in Arbroath when we were all sharing a room.  I’ll say it again- love white noise.  We were able to sleep through it.

Anyway, she was having such crazy coughing fits last Wednesday that I kept her home from “skewel.”  She did feel crummy, but she definitely loved the attention she got and getting to watch a movie with her blanket and “BB” (special lovey) while Mommy worked.  It was pretty sweet.  However, she was off to skewel again the next day.  I knew she would have the first half of this week off for Scottish mid-terms and in-service, so we had to take what we could get.

Back in the day

I remember staying home “sick” with my mom.  About once a six-weeks, my brother and I could tell her we wanted to stay home.  We were honest about whether we had tests, etc., and she would usually let us.  She is truly an honest person, so she’d call in and say, “Hello, this is Gayle McCord.  My daughter, Emily, is sick today.”  They would hang up and she would quickly add, “of school.”  She was our mother.  She could do what she wanted.  Heck, my dad is 1 of 11, and his mom would keep one of them home every Monday or Friday just for the extra help.  Those were the days.

I also remember actually being sick and not wanting to miss school.  I specifically remember feeling awful one morning in 4th grade, but I simply couldn’t miss school because we were starting “string art” that day in math.  Little did I know, we were starting a 6-week explanation of what string art was and how to do it.  That would have been a good day to opt out.  (Incidentally, I do believe it was this disappointing experience (string art) that helped me to see that I would never be crafty or artsy…sigh.)  I also hated missing school for social reasons- maybe I had a new outfit to wear or there was a boy I had a crush on- you never wanted to miss a good opportunity to make an impression, you know.  So, I would muster it up to make sure he did not miss me.  Sadly, it never really worked out for me.  I just wasn’t that cute.  I’m not sure any of us were in the 80′s.  (a great big thank heavens that digital cameras did not exist in the 80′s.  I may have to lose mine (or keep breaking them) when poor Rebekah and Luke enter middle school for their vanity’s sake)

Now, I find I am the mom making the decisions.  My heart wants to be the fun-loving, sure you can stay home and we can get take-out or go to the movies kind of mom, but my mind is still that of a former high school teacher who believes in responsibility and commitment.  Praise the Lord we’re just dealing with preschool right now- I just don’t think I can take the pressure just yet.


  1. Nana Phyllis says:

    So sorry Bekah was sick! Is Luke better? He looked pretty miserable on the weekend when we skyped! Guess I was a mean Mommy – my kids did not stay home unless sick. You’re right as an educator you see the necessity of students being at school and missing a lot if they are not. But…I wouldn’t worry about preschool – just enjoy.

  2. Pray you all feel better soon! David has had a bad cough lately too…

    Love your thoughts about sick days!! David has missed preschool at least 4 times this year: 2 sick days, 1 daddy was regrading the yard with a skid steer day, and 1 breakfast with Aunt Alicia before she had to go back to Mexic day. My mother OFTEN took us out of school to go to grandma’s house, Disneyworld, etc. She even got all the cousins to miss out on school and everyone calls them, “Herman Holidays.” Although, I have the teacher ingrained in me as well, I do believe there are many things that you just can’t teach at school, family memories are important, and so skip days are sometimes needed! :)

  3. You’re doing an awesome job, Emily. You are a great mommy. And you have become quite “link-y” lately!! I knew I’d rub off on you sooner or later. :-P

  4. Jennifer Essington says:

    I’m with Andrea. Take the skip days now and don’t feel bad about it, because it will be harder and harder to skip as they get older. It may appear that they are missing out on a ton of learning or school work, but really they are not. There is a lot o down time during elementary years.

  5. Hey – part of my commitment and responsibility was to my children for after all we had to have some fun times too!(: You and Billy always did very well in school so it did not hurt your grades to miss a day here or there.