Welcome Home, Elizabeth Sophia!

We had a baby!

We had our precious baby girl this morning at 4:36am, Scotland time.  I started going in and out of contractions yesterday afternoon and evening, and then they got crazy at about 1am.  Christy came over and had a wild night with our {first} 2, while we headed to the hospital.  Knowing I wanted an epidural, we headed for the Labour Ward and they were happy to oblige in theory…it just took a while to get the process started, which is what ultimately back-fired.  My contractions were 2, maybe 3, minutes apart and I was almost 4cm dilated.  This was well past any pain level I had experienced with Rebekah or Luke, so I answered questions as quickly as I could and took the IV during a contraction to ensure we could get the epi as quickly as possible, too.  Y’all, I am not kidding- I think I was less than a minute away from getting my blessed relief when some other lady had the nerve to deliver twins and need to be in theatre!  ;)   I will say at this moment, watching my anesthesiologist walk away, I was very brave.  I really was.  That is where my bravery ended, tho.  I opted for some other drip med that you can use as you feel contractions…it helped ease the pain and gave me a light-headed feeling that greatly aided me for an hour or so.  Then, that quit working.  I was never impressed with the gas and air and only kept taking it b/c they insisted and it gave me tube to bite on instead of yelling more.  It was at this point that I started crying uncontrollaby and screaming like a banshee through most contractions.  I will say I apologized over and over, but I felt like the kids and the more I tried to quit crying, the harder I sobbed…even between contractions.  Some people call this a panic attack.  I have never felt so much pain in my life and couldn’t quit thinking, “I can’t do this.”   But then I kept thinking about friends who had managed before me and I tried to picture the precious bundle waiting at the other end, but I will say that I was scared out of my mind.  My water still had not broken, though contraction rolled in after contraction, to the point that the midwives quit looking for the anesthesiologist and got me on my knees to push her out.  I apparently lost my IV and all chance at meds {even tho they hadn’t been working for a while}, so transition was all on my own.  This was when my water broke- as I pushed her out?!?!  It wasn’t pretty, but I will tell you those women know what they are doing!  It was incredibly intense, but the delivery went as smoothly as possible regardless of my preferences- I owe it to a faithful God who sees to His people’s needs, a WONDERFUL husband and his exactly right and perfectly-timed words of encouragement and praise, and finally precise instructions for slow pushes that got my girl out with very little “trauma” to either of us.  Anyway, the delivery was not at all what I wanted or prayed for as a process, yet the final result is far better than I could have hoped and I survive my biggest fear: delivering a baby sans meds!   Praise the Lord!

{Interestingly, we are already home.  With a normal delivery, you can check out 6 hrs after your baby is born.  Our only concern was that she wasn’t maintaining her temp, but a little time in the incubator solved that.  We still need to wash her matted hair as they don’t give the first bath.  They pretty much deliver your baby, give you ample time to nurse and do skin-to-skin, and that’s that.}

Elizabeth Sophia: Lizzie

Meet Elizabeth Sophia.  We chose Sophia because it means “wisdom” in Greek and seemed to nicely parallel Rebekah’s middle name of “Grace.”  We pray she will be a faithful servant of the Lord like her predecessor Elizabeth was and that she will embody wisdom as she grows in grace and truth.  Just so you know, we are calling her Lizzie, and you can too.  ;)

She is a 7lb, 3 oz perfect little girl who is healthy and already a great  nurser {answer to prayer for a quick and eager latch-on!}!  She has a full head of dark, dark hair and resembles both her big sister and big brother!  She has Luke’s and my chin, as well as a small stork bite above the bridge of her nose like he did/does, but Rebekah’s hair and her crazy alertness when she’s awake.  Her nose reminds me of my niece’s, Riley’s.  She seems tiny, probably because she is a full 2 lbs lighter than her brother was and 5 oz lighter than her sister!

I’m not sure why it’s so hard to get brand new baby pics, but it really is.  They’re out of order, but you can see what’s going on and how lovely she is!



  1. Shalle Bosman says:

    Emily, I am seriously going to cry. She is amazing and so beautiful! Oh thank you Lord for Lizzie!!! And Emily–you are a strong woman–you go girl!! I cried like a banshee too, so don’t feel bad–you will laugh later. maybe. God knew you could do it!

  2. Wonderful to meet you Lizzie! You are beautiful, your mom is a champ, and I hope to meet you someday soon! Congrats Miss Mommy on a job well done. Thank the good Lord for babies and husbands and hospitals.

  3. Nana Phyllis says:

    She is absolutely beautiful!! Congrats. Em sounds like you did great!! Love her already. Hope to skype tomorrow to see her on screen and am anxious to hear how the kids react when they get home from school.

  4. Joy Price says:

    oh Emily- I feel for you- I really do. How beautiful she is. thanks for all the fun details. I Love you and can’t wait to catch up more and to HOLD her! I’ve been snuggling with Jane so much, I can’t wait for our little ones to meet in person!

  5. Way to go Emily! What a story. Glad you both came through well.

  6. Joy Price says:
  7. Joy Price says:


  8. BEAUTIFUL. Em, you did it! You had a baby without an epidural! Awesome!

  9. So excited! She is beautiful and what a strong mama you were! Will be praying for rest and an easy transition as you welcome Lizzie into your family :)

  10. She’s amazing! Well done, Emily! I was praying for you last night (probably right around the time you delivered her) and was hoping you got your epidural. She’s out! Its over with and now you get to enjoy your precious girl. :)

  11. Rachel Ann Atkinson says:

    This is wonderful! How precious she is! Thanks for sharing your experience. Sounds like it was horrible, but praise God for getting you through it!

  12. jamie kampman says:

    em- she is so sweet! congrats!

  13. Sarah Laskowski says:

    Oh my goodness! Reading that was like having a flash back. I’m glad everything worked out in the end. Congratulations!

  14. You are one impressive Mama!

  15. God is so good! Got tears in my eyes thinking about the mircle of birth and how amazing it is! She is so beautiful and you look great for all the adventure you had. Congratulations to all! Love you!

  16. You are beautiful she is beautiful, congratulations! I can only imagine how scary natural labor without prep must be, but God brought you through and you are amazing, way to go!

  17. She’s beautiful! And you did amazing! Praise God for his faithfulness! Congratulations!

  18. Hillary Huens says:

    Oh Emily, I love her and so wish I was there to hold her! She is precious! Sorry delivery was tough – nothing harder than having a baby.

    Get some rest mama!

  19. Emily, I’m so very proud of you – you did a great job and have such a treasure that I truly can’t wait to get there to meet. I will call in the morning and hope to get you – would love to talk to Rebekah and Luke and hear what they think. I made an announcement at the beginning of my Leadership Class today about Lizzie, and they all knew I couldn’t wait to get home to my lap top and see the photos! Much love to you – Mom

  20. Welcome to the world baby Lizzy!! You are beautiful and your momma is super woman!!!!!!

  21. Lydia Keuer says:

    Wow- amazing experience- difficult (to say the least)… and yet how much more precious to now hold your daughter and have overcome your greatest fear! God is SO good! Welcome little Lizzie! Can’t wait to meet her in person soon :) Congrats!

  22. Congratulations, Emily! I’m so glad your prayers were answered in terms of timing of her birth and Josh’s upcoming trip! Enjoy your sweet girl now that the “hard” work is over :D

  23. Aunt Kathleen says:

    Congratulations, Emily!! She’s beautiful just like her siblings. Now you and Heather can share stories about intense pain and the reward at the end of it. We’re all very excited for you and lovely Lizzie. Hope you and your mom have a wonderful visit this month. Love you all.

  24. Great Aunt Betsy says:

    Wow! Great name(s) Beautiful treasure. Congratulations! God bless you and your family.

  25. Oh, Em! I’m SO sorry you didn’t get your epidural!! DARN those twins!! :-P But praise God. HE knew you could do it all along–even if you didn’t. And it sounds like maybe at least your labor wasn’t TOO long . . . ??? Praise God for that. And don’t feel bad about the yelling . . . when I was in labor with Benjamin (& no epidural), you could have heard me out the building and 10 blocks away!! It happens. :-P Anyway, WELL DONE. Giving birth is definitely NOT for wussies! Welcome to the world, Lizzie!! You are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  26. Schroeder says:

    As I read ur plight of no pain meds, I felt so badly for u. Thank God it’s over and ur baby is with you and yours. Congrats !!!


  27. Allison Aernie says:

    Emily – Congratulations! I am so proud of you! I had been checking in regularly to see if you had your precious little girl and I’m so thrilled to hear that she arrived safely and early! It looks like everyone is beyond happy to have her as a part of your family. Abigail still occasionally asks to pray for Bekah and Lukey and we will now be able to add Lizzie in there by name. Congrats again and job well done!

  28. Congratulations on a job well done mama! Beautiful name and prayer for your new blessing. Could you tell a difference in your emotions after delivery without the meds as opposed to your first two births? My first 2 were medicated as well, but I felt pure elation after Matthias was born without meds….I was so much more tired too though. I was also mentally prepared to go without meds for the 3rd one, which made a HUGE difference in me being able to stay under control with my emotions while enduring the pain. Bravo!

  29. I loved reading every moment of this. You are a freakin’ Rock star girl! I was almost in tears as you talked about the epidural and pain -ugh, So sorry! I’m so proud of you for pushing through it :) You had a baby in Scotland sans meds, you can do anything you want to do now :0

  30. The 5th and 6th pictures on this post look SO much like an Ashton Drake baby doll!!! She is adorable!!! :) Congratulations on Lizzy’s arrival…can’t wait to meet her when y’all come to TX!